Bitfunk ft. Oktavian: “Getting Worse”

By: Travis Ram
March 26, 2018

We’re head over heals about Bitfunk’s new anthem about falling in love! Listen to it below.

Falling in love makes you feel like dancing, right? Kind of. Sometimes. It’s hard to put the beautiful, but complicated process of falling in love into words. HOWEVER, Bitfunk and Oktavian have teamed up to bring you the very essence of falling in love with their track β€œGetting Worse.” Contrasted by an infectiously poppy dance beat are the words of an elated, yet insecure and complicated head that wants to express how hard they are falling for someone and the weariness that comes with that. Although you are immediately drawn in by the beat and hooks, what really pulls you in is the vulnerability and personality of the track

You can stream β€œGetting Worse” on our Gas Mask FAVORITES Playlist. WARNING: dangerously infectious. Since it’s just that catchy, go ahead and purchase your copy on iTunes here.

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