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Birgir: “Letting Go”

By: Honey Mills
October 2, 2019

Stop whatever you’re doing – Birgir has a new track and you have GOT to hear it! Read below to hear our thoughts on “Letting Go.”

Icelandic artist Birgir has spent the last two years ascending the ladder of musical achievements all over the globe and his newest release proves that he is continuing to soar! His latest track, “Letting Go” is a fun, anthemic electro pop tune that is catchy in a modern way, but classic like a summer day. We love the lush soundscape of this piece. “Letting Go” features intricate musical synths and simple, effective lyrics creating an overall clean and really enjoyable listen. We will not be letting go of Birgir anytime soon and know that you won’t be either! We’ve added it to our Gas Mask Favorites Playlist this week where you can check out “Letting Go” and many of our other top tracks!

Loving it? What do you think about Birgir’s latest release? Hit us up and tell us your thoughts: @gasmaskmagazine. Until next time, stick around for the best new music.