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Betty Reed: “Happy”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
August 20, 2021

Betty Reed is on the road to find joy in her life with “Happy.” 

The honest lyrics express how she plans to overcome her struggles to finally find a place of happiness.  It’s not an easy path, but she’s determined to break through the sadness.  Reed’s charming vocals enhance the sincerity of the lyrics.  It’s a bright, upbeat track about a serious subject matter that unfortunately hits home to many people these days.  Reed discusses the meaning behind the song on her YouTube page:

The opening riff belies the rest of the song. It starts off mournful and then suddenly shifts to an upbeat rhythm. This reflects how I feel sometimes. When you suffer from depression, life can feel like constant dread, but if you convince yourself this state is temporary and there are good days ahead, you can get through the rough days. And sometimes—suddenly—you are in a better place. And it makes you appreciate the good days even that much more. “I know I can be happy” is a mantra that gets me through dark days.

The Boston native is a singer/songwriter who now resides in Nashville.  “Happy” is a featured track on her upcoming album entitled Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned.  The album is filled with songs about Reed’s personal experiences including her battles with depression and toxic relationships.  The EP is scheduled to be released on September 3rd.  

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