Ben Laine: “Did You Call Me Last Night”

By: Eric Reyes
February 11, 2020

Simplicity can speak volumes. A clear emotional line, uncluttered and without the baubles of distracting corporate white noise.

Independent singer/songwriter Ben Laine has brought a heartfelt, handmade ode to the confusing wreckage of a relationship. Mixing concepts of empathy and the retrospective habit of dwelling we all experience after a breakup, the emotional honesty here has a great pay off. The carefully thought out instrumental accompaniment compliments this deeply personal musical narrative. Laine’s vocal delivery maintains his natural strength and vigor, but with hints of strain and emotive wavering at the higher endof his registry. This really added to the pained feelings of regret and doubt woven by the lyrics.

It’s rare that I find a song that captures deeply personal moments in a way that feel intimate, connectwith a deep emotional memory. As the song went on I got the same rush of prickly heat rising from my gut to my face that I felt a dozen times from a dozen different people. It meant something then, and it still does now, this feeling. The sentiment of wondering at the other person’s life, and if this chance encounter after their paths had split was more than chance. If they were back, even for a moment, because they wanted to be, because they missed something about you.

Ben Laine has managed to bottle up potent emotions, pouring them out for you to wade through with a wonderful voice and understated instrumentals. The self-made music video put out recently is also a charming, melancholy experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. Don’t miss out.

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