Bedtime: “You Are Good”

By: Eric Reyes
April 10, 2020

Their name might be Bedtime but their latest release will have you wide awake. “You Are Good” is the celebratory anthem we’re going to need when the earth takes us off punishment. Listen below!

As soon as we’re done social distancing and being confined to our homes, I’m going to the closest club and requesting “You Are Good.” Bedtime recently dropped this summer banger to give listeners hope that we’ll be good soon again. The electric guitar breakdowns between the prophetic versus are our favorite part. We also love the pre chorus as the vibe is building up in the background. Perfect for any dance party, Bedtime has you covered if you’re surrounded by millions or in the comfort of your own mirror. As soon as you “surrender” to the music, the easier life becomes. Well say no more, our ears and hearts are open for Bedtime’s latest effort, take a stab at “You are Good” below to see if you feel what we do. Tell us what you think of it on social media today: @gasmaskmagazine.

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