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Beauty School: “Nightwalker”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
May 31, 2022

Beauty School is bringing to light their new single, “Nightwalker.” 

The alternative rock track has dark undertones that present a mix of emotions.  The song starts off with powerful, hard-hitting drums and then mellows out as the lyrics begin.  The slower instrumentation in the verses go hand in hand with the calm vocals and lyrics, providing an intimate look into the person’s state of mind.  The energy picks up again for the chorus.  The ending of the song is quite unique as well.  With about a minute left in the track, the vocals end but the music continues.

Lead singer Joe Cabrera described the track saying:

“Nightwalker is the dark horse of the album. It almost sounds like it belongs on a different record. We intentionally set out to explore a darker sound with Nightwalker. We were determined to write a chorus where the riff was defining and the vocals supporting. Nightwalker isn’t intended to be our catchiest song but a demonstration of the spectrum of our sound.”

“Nightwalker” is the UK band’s third single of 2022.  Their debut album, Happiness, is scheduled to drop in September.  In the meantime, fans in the UK can catch them live on tour.  Check their site for dates and locations.

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