Barrett Crake: “Feels Right”

May 31, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

You have to watch the video that goes along with this track, otherwise you’re missing out on a wonderfully… whimsical and sweet experience. I had to pause to use the word whimsical because it sometimes feels disingenuous, but it really is the only way to describe the look, feel, and sound of β€˜Feels Right’ by Barrett Crake.

I admire artists unafraid to be weird and even β€˜cute’ in their work. There’s this habit of over-seriousness and β€˜wearing other people’s funny clothes’, where an artist who otherwise doesn’t trade in a given aesthetic or style will trade in it for the sake of expanding their appeal rather than true individual expression. Barrett Crake smacks you in the face with this Trolli Sour Brite-look, kooky costumed characters and his own involved physicality. He looks like he’s having a good time, and I feel like I’d have a fun time just chatting with him (Barrett, hit me up, love your stuff).

 As the central performer, and performance, of this piece, Barret Crake’s vocal and production abilities are in harmony. Dwelling largely in the softer side of his range, he opens up and shows a brighter tone that is really elevated by the EDM echo and electronic waver he layers over it. The core of the sound is still his natural voice, its meter and pacing, but his strengths are brought out by the gentle manipulation of the mix and production.

The mix very simple, amplified here and there in intensity and texture to help boost the infectiously bubbly and chill vibe of the track overall. Bowing out or building up where it needs to, the mix is never a competitor, it is a partner, though it still gives the stage to Barrett Crake.