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A\YO: “Natural”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
September 03, 2021

It’s “Natural” to like A\YO’s new song.  The beginning alone sounds like the intro to a fun, 90’s sitcom theme. 

The track then morphs into a catchy pop track about pining over an attractive girl.  It has that classic boyband music type of feel that would go perfect with a choreographed dance routine.

 A\YO, however, is not quite a boyband.  The group consists of singer David Unlayao and writer/producers Graham Barton and David Katz.  The trio touts DNCE and Bruno Mars as their inspiration.  They categorize their music as dance-rock. 

No matter how you want to describe the group or their music, A\YO’s “Natural” is nothing but fun. 

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