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Ayla D’Layla:  “Burning Perception”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
November 21, 2021

Ayla D’Layla is sharing her point of view in her new release, “Burning Perception.” 

She’s expressing her needs and hopes that her lover feels the same.  The relationship is part of her identity.  She looks to it for validation.  The lyrics express the yearning she feels and the thirst for wanting more.  D’Layla’s sultry yet ethereal vocals evoke that burning desire.  The accompanying music produces the same feeling.  The chorus, however, brings in the thumping beat that club-goers enjoy.

“Burning Perception” is D’Layla’s first release this year.  The song comes off the heels of the success of her 2020 single “Life Could Be Sweet” which just hit 1 million streams.

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