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Austin David: “L.I.B.”

By: Blaire Cache
March 14, 2019

Funky indie electro pop? Yes please! Keep reading to check out our thoughts on “L.I.B.,” Gas Maskers!

Michigan artist Austin David just dropped “L.I.B”, and there we cannot think of a name more fitting for this than lightning in a bottle! “L.I.B” is electric and groovy in nature with its fluid beats and lofty vocals. We are really loving the laid back vibes of this track, and it’s the perfect tune to get you feeling good in the morning, or unwinding for your drive home. We’ve collectively decided in the office that Austin David is definitely setting the mood for a killer weekend ahead! Wouldn’t you agree?

Check out “L.I.B” on Spotify (below) and be sure to let us know what you think on social media today at: @GasMaskMagazine. We’re always looking for a bit of love from ya!