Audra Mae: “Open Arms”

By: Sydney Cooper
March 10, 2018

We have a first listen of Audra Mae’s new track! Read about it below!

When you’re a great niece of Judy Garland, it’s no surprise that you would be destined for greatness in music. So naturally when we got the opportunity to check out this track, we knew it would be superb. “Open Arms” is a whimsical, simply complicated track that whirls musically and soars vocally. Mae has a powerful, soulful voice, but her impressive vocal range really shines through the cleverly juxtaposed bright instrumental backing. Kinda jazzy, kinda poppy, kinda folky, we are getting a real She & Him vibe, and we simply cannot get enough. Be sure to grab your copy of “Open Arms” on iTunes today! Now available.

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