Ashley Strongarm: “Little Bones”

By: Tiare Pito
October 19, 2021

Singer-songwriter Ashley Strongarm has come out with a new song- โ€˜Little Bonesโ€™- and we are in love!

With a whimsical, lilting tune that easily draws the listener in, it is with little doubt that we say you will be playing this song on repeat.

โ€˜Little Bonesโ€™ details the trying journey of opening up and showing your true self. Of exposing the skeletons in your closet, so to speak. Skillfully written in a way that both encourages you to be open, and also assures you that you are not alone, listeners are left feeling both humbled and comforted. โ€œFor anyone who’s ever played the fool, this is for you.โ€ Strongarm stated in regards to the song.

Produced and mixed by Justin Craig, and mastered by Justin Perkins, it is clear that a lot of love and emotion has gone into this song. We cannot wait to see what Strongarm and her team has in store for us next!

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