Asher Knight:Β “Follow You”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
March 6, 2022

Asher Knight’s new single should get him more followers.  “Follow You” is a feel-good track from the music to the lyrics. 

The upbeat, happy sound sets the tone for the intentions behind the words.  The lyrics describe a love and heartfelt support for another person.  The person Knight is singing about should feel the loyalty and commitment that he evokes through his words and voice.  His charming vocals are uplifting and add to the truthfulness behind the song.  Lines like “I’m a shoulder to cry on, when you ain’t feeling so strong” and “I’m the one you can lean on, if you feel you’re crashing” share the sentiments that many people would love to hear from their partner.  Additionally, the single’s catchy chorus is sure to have listeners singing along. 

“Follow You” is a song off the London based singer-songwriter’s latest eight-track EP, Standing Still

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