Asher Knight: “Burn”

By: Honey Mills
May 30, 2021

Itโ€™s fiery, enthralling, and hot as hell. Thatโ€™s right! Weโ€™ve got the latest from Asher Knight.

โ€œBurnโ€ is the new pop tune from Asher Knight that weโ€™re happy to spill the tea about. Have a tendency to fall for toxic relationships? Keep crawling back to that one person that knows how to feed you out of the palm of their hand? Lucky for you, you are a perfect candidate to LOVE, โ€œBURNโ€ (which in reality, is probably all of us at one point or another). The track is filled with catchy vocalizers on the hook, and of course, Asherโ€™s steamy vocals that we know youโ€™ll fall for. But wait! Thereโ€™s more. To accompany such a pop-fueled track, Asher Knight gives us a brand new music video to feast our eyes on, as well. Check it out below; you wonโ€™t be disappointed.

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