Arya Yunata: “With Time”

By: Meech Justice
April 10, 2020

Most things get better in time and so does this upcoming release from Arya Yunata. “With Time” is the sweetest and easiest tune we’ve heard in a while. Take a listen below as you sit back and enjoy.

Heartbreak is probably one of the hardest things adults deal with on a daily basis. Imagine someone having complete control over your emotions because of the impact they have on your life. In the song “With Time” the acoustics of the guitar along with the soft voice of a man resonates with any spirit. Especially a man singing his heart out and pleading that “With Time” he’ll get better. The notion of love and gratitude is proposed as long as the love interest is willing to stay. No reason to leave a love like that. Take a listen to Arya Yunata’s newest single ‘With Time” below.

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