Arrows in Action: “In Time”

By: Cody Fletcher
March 23, 2020

Are times uncertain? Do you long for simpler times when you could turn on the radio and forget about the world around you? Well, Arrows in Action has what you need!

The power-pop/ alt-rock band’s single “This Time” hits all the right notes and then some. The fun, high energy sound is fresh while managing to hit all the nostalgic beats of the bands influences like Panic at the Disco and Blink 182. The interplay between Victor Viramontes and Jesse Frimmel on vocals had me jumping up and down while my kids danced around me. The 4 person “power pop band, NOT a boy band” is based in Gainesville, FL. The bands interests include coffee, video games and quantum physics. With no current tour date’s, you catch their music here at Gas Mask Magazine!

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