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Armaan Malik: “Control”

By: Eric Reyes
March 27, 2020

Indian virtuoso Armaan Malik trailblazes his way onto the charts with his first English-language single, “Control.”

New listeners will find plenty to appreciate in his sound. A fusion of easy R&B rhythms and Bollywood beats, this track manages to bring out the best of this trans-continental artist’s unique cultural and musical flavor. For the more visually oriented afficionados out there, you’re in luck, as this seasoned artist has a sleek music video on offer as well. Displaying a minimalist palette of soft neon, subdued tones of earth, set against a night as black as pitch, all of your attention is focused on Armaan Malik, making great use of his leading-man good looks. Paired with an ethereal femme-fatale who says it all with her eyes, you wonder just who exactly is in “Control” here. 

If this single and the accompanying video are anything to go by, we’d say this isn’t the last we’ll see or hear of Armaan Malik. Broaden your horizons and count yourself an early fan! Be sure to tell us about it on social media too: @gasmaskmagazine.

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