ARIZONA: “Where You Are”

By: J.W. CUDD (Gas Mask)
October 22, 2019

Alright, Gas Maskers! ARIZONA has a brand new single that we know you’re going to want to sink your teeth into. Gas Mask here, covering this track personally.

When I started Gas Mask four years ago, I had hopes that it would blossom into an underground hub for a wide range of artists—covering a spectrum of soundscapes and structures. NOW, with every major label, and eighty percent of submissions coming from indie artists (which is KILLER), we’re still proud of all the music connoisseurs visiting our site and social media. Thank you for opening your heart to us and all of the artists that work their ass off to make their dreams come true.

All that being said, I wanted to personally cover this band; they are one of my favorites. A few years back, when I was going down the rabbit hole of depression, ARIZONA was one of the bands that got me excited to continue as an artist. Music has the power to change our outlook and emotions; for that, I thank ARIZONA for creating consistent and striking material that always captivates their listeners . . . me included.

Thus, when sifting through submissions, my team stumbled on ARIZONA’s latest, “Where You Are.” OF COURSE we were going to write an article on it, but the great aspect of this track is the new tones of musicality that have been brought forth. While still holding an iridescent essence of mystery, “Where You Are” brings their metaphysical and authentic lyrics to the forefront. The chorus is one of power vocals; it’s somewhat similar to an eighties ballad that’s been properly molded to fit the electro/pop nature that ARIZONA is loved for. Their evolution of sound is a breath of fresh air while still giving us plenty of room to soak up the ARIZONA light that’s radiant bliss. Thanks again, guys. As always, you’re at the top of our Gas Mask Playlist on Spotify.

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