Anwen Rose: “Was It Worth It”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
July 16, 2020

Los Angeles-based rocker Anwen Rose takes a deep look inside her heart on her rollicking new track, “Was It Worth It.”

Rose has been playing piano since she was 5 and used to perform as part of a show choir, meaning the artist has always had music coursing through her veins. After spending time studying music production and fine-tuning her own sound, Rose decided it was time to release her own material back in 2019. With a gripping, rocky vocals and powerful instrumental compositions, Rose has crafted a unique blend of old school and new rock n’ roll.

“Was It Worth It” began as a ballad about people in high positions abusing their power, but eventually Rose discovered this song had a bit more of her own personal struggle embedded in it than she had first realized. Rose builds a narrative of self-reflective around a swirling chorus filled with booming guitars and drums. “It’s been a joy to watch you crawl/I’ll save the date for when you fall,” Rose confronts the power-hungry and selfish feelings buried deep within herself and others. 

Instead of beating herself up for these past mistakes, the artist chooses to channel her energy into exposing her truth and holding herself accountable. Her bold lyricism and the determined spirit in her voice show that Rose is not backing down from her journey to overcome her own ego. “Was It Worth It” is not only a song of self-reflection you can rock out to, but also a ballad of redemption.

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