Antoine Chambe x Tomode:Β  “Forget About It”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
April 1, 2022

Antoine Chambe and Tomode’s collaboration created a sound for their new single that makes it hard to “Forget About It.” 

The snappy song gives off an upbeat, positive vibe.  The vocals have a relaxed brightness that are energized by the music’s groove.  As the title suggests, the message behind the lyrics is about getting over things.  The track touches on a mistake that may be the cause of the end of a relationship.  Lines like “Was it something that I said, when the sky was turning red” followed by “just let it go” suggest that the person doesn’t necessarily know what he/she did wrong but thinks it’s best to just let the issue slide. 

Chambe is a French DJ and producer who wrote and mixed the track.  For this song, he joined forces with Tomode, a Swedish duo consisting of Carl Leanderson and Viktor Westerberg.  The video for “Forget About It” shows Chambe and Tomode hanging out and working on music. 

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