Anja Kotar: “1500”

By: James Brookes
June 27, 2019

We’re feeling the vibe on Anja Kotar’s latest tune that’s ALL about living that life on the ‘gram. Listen to it below!

Having a sister company that brands social media day-in and day-out (107 Productions), we know the trials and tribulations of social media VERY well. On the latest release by pop singer/songwriter Anja Kotar, we find ourselves nodding right along with, “1500.” The track itself is filled with rich and soulful vocals that draw you in from start to finish. The witty lyrical content is the cherry on top that keeps us coming back for more. After hearing this track from Kotar, we know she’s going to be a break-out star in pop music. Now, if only we can get her to 20 million followers….help her out here. 🙂 Listen to her tune below, you’re going to love it, Gas Maskers.

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