Angelic Montero: “9 Times Outta 10”

By: Eric Reyes
May 31, 2021

Angelic Montero lives up to the first part of her name with her latest, sultry release, β€˜9 Times Outta 10.’

Spanish is a romantic-sounding language, full of passionate sound and fury. While the verses in Spanish only serve to bridge the three-act format of this track, they allow Angelic Montero to really let her lingual ability show. Transitioning effortlessly between English and Spanish, she uses the innate pull and seductiveness of Latin-infused music and language to her advantage. Sung as though she’s imparting a secret to you, and only you, it sent a warm thrill through me.

Her voice has great versatility, but she keeps it low and smoky for much of this track, like she’s at the edge of sleep, or having just roused from sleep, and it feels at once vulnerable and enticing.

Utilizing repetition, the track is simplistic in composition but manages to remain engaging throughout. Well textured in vocal layering, boosting and echoing her own voice to back her here and there, the track has a handful of tricks to play and it plays them well. The mix and beat is likewise modest, allowing Angelic Montero to be the main attraction and entice us with just the power of her voice.

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