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ANFA: “Ghostin (Ariana Grande Cover)”

By: Eric Reyes
February 24, 2020

A mystery artist is one of my favorite assignments, and actually adds to my enjoyment of their music.

ANFA, a digital-only, faceless, otherwise unidentifiable artist dwelling online and now in the back of my head, delivers a beautifully energetic cover of the sultry song ‘Ghostin.’ I honestly couldn’t find much on this artist beyond their name and the link provided by the company. And the fact that I can’t put a face to a clever write-up of their discography lends a thrill of the unknown to this experience.

We won’t cover comparisons between this and the Ariana Grande original beyond one key difference; pace. While the original is its own excellent experience, with a smoky, wafting energy that entrances and entices, this cover is beautifully energized. By stepping up the tempo and adding pulsing, anticipatory beat that builds and builds till it breaks like fat, heavy rain, ebbing and flowing in concert with the beautiful vocals, this song captivated me, and had me moving. It brought a smile to my face. I was able to enjoy the song as a song, and not pick it apart as some kind of academic exercise. It’s catchy,it’s fun, and the vocals are stunning.

Stunning, and stimulating. The angelic brightness, and the soft rasp as she navigates her higher register, all gave me chills. I felt reinvigorated, shaken awake, but the light, friendly shake of someone not wanting you to miss something wonderful. This is a song to play on a loop as you cruise down any open highway, the sun, a clear sky, and maybe someone special you decided not to ghost, your companions.

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