Andy Macintyre: “Dirty Conversations”

By: Eric Reyes
March 27, 2020

Rock doesn’t rest. Andy Macintyre’s latest single “Dirty Conversations” shows the result of such tireless artistry. 

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios where other timeless classics of the genre were born, Andy Macintyre captivates us with heartfelt lyrics and strong, steady guitar work. The gravely rumble of his voice had us sold from the get-go! The spirit of the genre is apparent as the sound shifts from twangy country/blues to more contemporary rock guitar. As longtime Alt-Rock fans, it’s great to see artists out there keeping true to the roots of the sound while making their own mark. This is but one of six songs on the fifth independent release by Andy Macintyre and there’s no sign of him stopping any time soon. 

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