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Andrey Pitkin x Christina Novelli: “Talking To You” (Remix by Filatov & Karas)

By: Eric Reyes
March 27, 2020

This is chase music, as in music you would be chased, or doing the chasing, to. 

“Talking To You” is the kind of music that would play during late 90’s, early 00’s anime, as the hero and damsel in distress escape from baddie of the day. Strobe lights, fog machines, a lifted state with blaring stage lights searching out into the darkness. Motorcycles with defunct Japanese auto company stickers plastered all over. Christina Novelli’s vocals are steady, and rise to prominence in the third half of the song, every lyric its own hook. The beat goes hard, uplifting you and enhancing the mixed sampling of Novelli’s voice. 

This song made us want to go out and ride a motorcycle through the rain, on towards the glistening cyberpunk city off in the distance. Sadly, the rain’s stopped, we don’t own a motorcycle, and the only thing cyberpunk we have to live off of is great music like this. Listen up and live out your electronic fantasy with this awesome track!

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