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Andrew Fair: “Outlines”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
July 14, 2020

Singer-songwriter and producer Andrew Fair shows off his seductive side on his dark and sultry new track, “Outlines.”

We got an exclusive preview of Fair’s latest single and our main take-away is that you’ll be hooked from the start. A chorus of synths and a bumping bassline build a solid framework of mystique around Fair’s hypnotic low range vocals. Raised by dancers and choreographers, the artist’s music is directly inspired by movement and the powerful effect music has over the body. “Outlines” is definitely the kind of track we can imagine grooving to under the strobe lights of a crowded club––when that’s possible again.

Fair’s sound definitely pulls from R&B and hip-hop influences but is thoroughly pop at its core. His lyrics convey a carefree attitude and show off just how suave this singer can be out on the dance floor. “There’s sophisticated outlines on you, baby/I cannot wait just show me your place tonight, yeah,” Fair cuts right to the chase. To compliment the artist’s smooth pick up moves, Fair throws in a couple beat drops and some echoing back-up vocals to give the song an extra dose of coolness. “Outlines” is a sexy, broody number that proves Andrew Fair is one to watch.

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