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Andrew Caryl and Okafuwa: “Enough”

By: Tiare Pito
July 13, 2022

Andrew Caryl has teamed up with Okafuwa to bring us their newest single, and we absolutely love it! A moving anthem of hope and love, “Enough” is sure to touch you! When you are in a dark place and needing a reminder of the light, then you need to listen to this song!

Exploring the darkness that we often fall into, “Enough” provides commentary on the struggles that we as humans face; whether mental, physical or emotional. The beauty of “Enough” is that, rather than staying in the dark, it describes finding love in spite of that. The journey that “Enough” takes us on is not only one of finding love from another, but also gaining self love and self esteem as a result of being loved. In a world of struggle and heartache, it provides a heart wrenching hope to those going through a hard time.

Delivered to us on emotive, gravelly vocals, “Enough” not only impresses with its lyricism, but it’s musical composure as well. The vocals are backed with rushing beats, synths, and instrumentals that coalesce into a very intense, emotional listening experience.

Andrew Caryl and Okafuwa have really impressed us with “Enough,” and, like the title, we can’t get enough of it! We look forward to future music from both of these talented artists!

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