Anaté: “Confusion”

By: Ico Beltran
December 28, 2020

Anaté, the duo of singer/songwriter Anaté and producer Dekman, have produced a melodious pop song with glitch pop and downtempo influences.

The most striking part of this new single is the looping of Anaté’s vocals to create bursts of samples that bring in both the Futuristic and the Fantastical. It sounds like a convergence of glitch pop’s Baths and trip hop’s Massive Attack, directing the crackling samples of the former and the lethal notes of the latter into an assertive, feminine pop song. In “Confusion,” everything seems magnified—from the piano notes that climb towards a mechanical deity to Anaté’s voice that cries towards the abyss. It elevates the current pop sound into something more menacing. For instance, in the 2:56 mark, analog tools search a deep ambience for any material. This is the perfect song for anyone that wants to experience a different kind of pop tune.

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