AMZY: “Beast in the Bottle”

By: Eric Reyes
April 20, 2021

The media says Alternative/Indie, but if I were be spun around in a circle and given a dart to throw at a big board of genres, I think I’d land closer to a kind of neo-folk, even country-infused pop rock that would throw you for a loop.

Maybe in this scenario the dart broke into several pieces? I don’t know man, listen, all you need to know is that AMZY takes risks musically, not because they don’t know who they are, but because they know what sound they make.

It’s versatile. Scrolling through their repertoire I was surprised to find that each song from this trio of dreamers and schemers had its own spark, its own voice. Sure, it may lean towards the musical mishmash I mentioned above, but it’s not malformed or half-formed.

Beast in the Bottle , their latest release, had a roughness to it. Like stubble after pulling an all-nighter. Something born from effort and drive and hours of work. It didn’t slack on its lyrical content, stretching phrases here and there to fill space. It didn’t drown us in every electronic or acoustic instrument under the sun to create a crash of sound to distract from poor structure. It strutted its stuff, by way of country/hard rock guitarwork and loud, proud, and unafraid vocals.

An act to keep an eye on and follow on the tour circuit once the clubs and dive bars and center stages of the world light back up.

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