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Alyx Ander & Dallerium ft. Kaleena Zanders: “Spotlight”

By: Cody Fletcher
March 23, 2020

What if I told you that you could have the heart felt lyrics and pulsing dance music that could build you up and move your feet. “Spotlight” by Alyx Ander & Dallerium ft. Kaleena Zanders is the song you need.

Miami based DJ and producer Alyx Ander showcases his particular brand of empathetic, vocal house music in this upbeat and soaring single. Kaleena Zanders soul filled voice brings an almost gospel vibe that blends perfectly with the beat dropped by Alyx and Dallerium. The empowering lyrics of “Spotlight” speak about an empowered woman bucking the constraint of an overbearing partner. All of this lyrical complexity is matched with the hopeful energy of the melody that builds to hopeful crescendo that overflows with energy. Alyx Ander was born in New York but currently resides in Miami FL. The DJ pair that makes up Dallerium is based in Croatia. Kaleena Zanders is powerful and sought after vocalist who collaborates regularly with mutilple House Music/Dance Music artists. Listen to “Spotlight below”

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