Alt Fiction: “All My Friends”

By: Eric Reyes
April 22, 2020

Endless summer sounds enticing till you remember that the only difference with the rest of the year is more heat and more tourists. Alt Fiction captures the melancholy and paradoxical cheerful atmosphere of a summer without end in their debut single, “All My Friends.”

Hailing from Queensland, Australia, a continent all its own with endless summer and endless beaches, Alt Fiction have created a sound that sardonically smiles up at the sun. Beach Pop is not a new genre, as Americans, specifically Californians, may be aware. In the modern incarnation of the genre, the mix of lyricism and poeticism from Indie music gives it more heart than your traditional track. The spry instrumentals had us bopping along, kicking off our boots for well-worn sandals. The moody, nonchalant vocals, husky and clean, put you at ease. The lyricism is deceptive, in that the upbeat sound masks the carefree but bittersweet words.

Sipping an Aqua Velva with too much lemonade, in a half-buttoned aloha shirt, faded shorts and ragged flip-flops, sitting on a rickety bench in overgrown grass, this song was the best medicine. Though we’re melancholy, though we’re isolated, we’re looking forward to when we can at least be melancholy surrounded by strangers in beautiful locations. Tell us what you think of this track on social media at: @gasmaskmagazine.

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