Allegra Jordyn:  “Fading Out”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
November 11, 2021

Allegra Jordyn’s new single won’t be “Fading Out” of anyone’s mind.  The track is a haunting tale about the end of a relationship. 

In fact, the descriptions used in the lyrics are words people use to describe a scary, haunted house.  The song expresses the struggle a person goes through to stay the course and get out of a bad situation despite the good memories that keep creeping back.  At just 19-years-old, Jordyn’s sweet vocals convey the pain of the breakup and add emotion to the melancholy track. 

“Fading Out” is the latest single off the Canadian singer-songwriter’s recently released EP, Take It From Me, I Know.  The title of the EP was actually taken from a line in the song.  Jordyn described the album on her social media saying, “this EP has truly been years in the making. most of these songs were written by a broken-hearted 16/17 year old trying to understand her thoughts & emotions. but they were recorded by a 19 year old with the passion & determination to connect with & inspire others.”

Jordyn wrote “Fading Out” and co-directed the video for the song with Chris Grey. 

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