Allan Raph: “Tell Me”

By: Meech Justice
November 14, 2020

Allan Raph is about to have you on your toes with his newly released single β€œTell Me.” Press play and see why Allan is about to have you dancing!

β€œTell me how you feel,” Allan Raph sings on his latest titled β€œTell Me.” This Pop number is a smash waiting to eat up the charts. It’s like eating a bowl of cereal, you just can’t have one…you gotta have more because you want more. I love the falsetto of Allan’s voice as well as the harmony in the melodic jam. I’m excited to hear more from the upcoming singer. His music is Pop driven with a hint of R&B influence. Very amongst the likes of John Legend and Charlie Puth. So scroll below, press play and β€œTell Me” if Allan Raph can rely on your support, because he has mine! Listen to the track below, and tell us what you think on social media at: @gasmaskmagazine. 

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