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ALICHÈ ft. Lov3 Mimi: “Show My A$$”

By: Honey Mills
September 24, 2019

Who’s ready to shake it?? Aliche has got you covered! Keep reading to see what we thought of her newest single, Gas Maskers!

We’re always looking for music that makes us want to dance like nobody is watching, and Aliche has done that with “Show My A$$.” This song is all about having a good time and sounds exactly like what having a good time is! The beat is so fire that we’re surprised it isn’t pouring out of the club already! The hook and the fantastic vocals marry perfectly in this track and it is bound to be stuck in your head in no time. We are loving this track Aliche! Keep them coming!

Check out “Show My A$$” below, and keep checking back for more reviews of amazing music on Gas Mask Magazine. Let us know your favorites at: @gasmaskmagazine.