Alice Merton: “Hero”

By: Fay Rose
September 19, 2021

“Sometimes I wish I was the hero in your story. I’d save you from yourself.” That’s how singer-songwriter Alice Merton sets the tone of her addictive new single, “Hero.” By the end of the song, you’re not sure if she wants to be the hero or is the one that needs to be saved from the situation.

“Hero” is the kind of track you want to keep putting on replay. The internal conflict of wanting to be someone’s everything and at the same time wishing you didn’t want them at all, is at the core of the song’s emotional response. There is a lot to absorb as the modern synth rhythm and compelling lyrics tell a relatable story in an imaginative way. I love the use of a vocoder on Merton’s voice, creating this cool supernatural effect.

In 2019, Alice Merton became the first female judge to win The Voice of Germany with contestant Claudia Emmanuela Santoso. The 27-year-old German-born British-

Canadian independent musician is also co-founder of her own record label, Paper Plane Records International.

“Hero” is one of the memorable singles from Alice Merton’s still untitled second studio album currently in the works. I’m excited to hear more new music from this talented artist.

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