Alexis Marrero: “City Lights”

By: James Brookes
October 23, 2019

The latest from pop artist, Alexis Marrero, is everything you need for your autumn playlist! Listen to “City Lights” below, Gas Maskers.

We’ve all had moments that can be colored with a shade of grey. It’s when our cheeks feel cold, and our insides feel warm, things start to change to a more rosy outlook. In the new release by Alexis Marrero, “City Lights,” we find ourselves cozied up with a saturated goodness that only a true artist can bring to life. Written by Alexis Marrero and producer Shannon McArthur, we can’t get over the heart-warming lyrics that are sure to leave listeners with a positive outlook. Constructed with a pure and polished vocal that resonates with emotion, Marrero’s performance on this acoustic jam is flawless and real. Combine that with an airy and captivating melody line, and BOOM, we’re hooked! You will be too. Lucky for you, we’ve already added “City Lights” to the top of our Gas Mask Favorites Playlist. Be sure to add it to yours, as well, and stream below!

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