Alexandra John: “Healing”

By: Tiare Pito
December 12, 2022

With an earnestness that will capture your attention instantly, talented twins Alexandra John are making waves in the music scene. Using their music to document a journey of growth, their debut EP “Healing” has certainly left us impressed. If you are going through a hard time and need a little ‘healing’ then this is the EP for you.

Describing “Healing” as a series of “grief from denial to acceptance”, Alexandra John not only acknowledge, but embrace the struggle and ugliness found in life. Shedding the societal need for perfection, the duo instead find solace and acceptance in the flaws that make a person. They suggest that, rather than be hidden away and suppressed, our shortcomings should be celebrated. 

The message behind the “Healing” EP is not only inspiring in meaning, but also musically. Each track is delivered to us on a combination of soulful, heartfelt vocals and addictive instrumentals. All songs manage to retain Alexandra John’s unique sound, whilst offering something different and distinctive to listeners. It truly does take you on a journey when listening. 

We have been playing the whole “Healing” EP on repeat, and guarantee that as soon as you hear it, you will too! We cannot wait to see what will be next from Alexandra John!

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