Alexander Grandjean: “Will You Still Be There”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
June 20, 2022

Alexander Grandjean has no reason to wonder “Will You Still Be There” after hearing his new single. 

The inquisitive track leaves listeners wanting more.  The song asks questions to gain realistic expectations.  Grandjean explained on an Instagram post, “It’s a song about having drifted away from someone and asking:  if I find a way home, will u still be there?”  The honest lyrics evoke the uncertainty surrounding a once close relationship.  The music sets a somber tone but also conveys a bit of a heartening quality.  It gives the impression that the answers to the questions are already known, but there is still hope.  The clear and warm vocals along with the echo effects add a soothing element to the track.

The video for “Will You Still Be There” can be seen below.  Grandjean explained his artistic approach for the video on Instagram saying, “I filmed the same stretches in nature 15-20 times in different directions.  It’s an attempt to express the difficulty in keeping your eyes on your own path when the world is literally pointing in all directions around you.”

“Will You Still Be There” is the third single off the Danish artist’s recently released album, Lost Minds

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