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Alex Moye: “Love Me Better”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
July 27, 2020

Florida-based producer Alex Moye has crafted the ultimate summer single with his latest release, “Love Me Better.”

The independent music engineer jumped onto the music scene in the past few years, and he’s already picked up a loyal following. Experimenting with both atmospheric and bass-heavy styles, Moye has pulled inspiration from every corner of the EDM universe. With “Love Me Better,” the producer decided to create a high-energy mix that will keep you on your feet dancing all day!

Moye keeps a minimalist beat bumping in the back as he layers the track with a captivating synth melody and gorgeous female vocals. “Complicated, I shouldn’t ever have to feel this way/But every time I try to walk away/You come around and start to love me, love me better,” the singer laments the fact that despite her issues with her lover, she can’t resist their magnetic connection. Moye compliments her sultry falsetto with an equally dramatic sonic backdrop filled with snappy rhythms and bouncing beat drops. 

Moye’s looped melody is the perfect metaphor for feeling caught up in a toxic relationship cycle. At first glance, love seems to swirl in the air but beneath this exterior lies a darker truth which the producer represents with a chilling single note that runs under the melody’s shining surface. “Love Me Better,” is as versatile as it is catchy, and every time you listen, you’ll find yourself hearing something you didn’t catch before.

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