Alex Krawczyk: “Better Days”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
May 20, 2022

If her new single has anything to say about it, there are “Better Days” ahead for Alex Krawczyk. 

“Better Days” is an upbeat, optimistic track sharing that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.  The lyrics express that hope and patience will help one to see through the darkest of times.  Krawczyk’s uplifting and charming vocals add to the positive message of the lyrics.  The energetic music enhances the feel-good track.

The Canadian folk singer co-wrote the track with Robbie Roth.  “Better Days” is a song off her recently released debut album, Le Olam.  Krawczyk created the album as a way to express herself while dealing with personal trauma, including the tragic and sudden loss of her parents, Honey and Barry Sherman. 

She poured her heart and soul in to her music and it shows.  A song like “Better Days” can help lift the spirts of those going through tough times.

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