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Alec Lehrman: “Take Me Back (80Fitz Remix)”

By: Travis Ram
June 5, 2018

Alec Lehrman is ready to take you back to your best days. Brace yourself, Gas Maskers!

Chicago based artist Alec Lehrman has spent the last two years taking the world by storm with his music. Having toured in several countries and a heavy arsenal of artists he has worked with, Lehrman knows exactly what it takes to get listeners going. Add producer genius 80Fitz to the mix, and we KNOW this track is going to be huge. The remix titled, “Take Me Back” is a wonderland of dreamy electro grooves and pulsing beats. The builds and drops of this track are consistent and satisfying, like your favorite comfort food, and the track overall is just as delicious. Lehrman’s bluesy vocal quality makes for an interesting contrast against the airy nature of this tune. This track just dropped so be sure you get on the bandwagon and tell all of your squad to do the same! Purchase your copy on iTunes today, OR stream the track below.

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