Alana Rich: “Taboo”

April 28, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

Alana Rich knows what she’s doing. β€˜Taboo’ is catchy, gets you moving, and doesn’t settle into a single stylistic rut.

Just like her bio says, she is genre-fluid. Taking a bit here from pop, more here from dance, a dash of house, a pinch of club, and a whole lot of her own secret sauce that just oozes from every beat of the track, you get an exceptional experience.

Full of a unique attitude that really works itself for all its worth, there’s none of the generic hamster wheel of point A to point B to echoed call, back to point A. Here, the hooks and choruses have to share the playground with the rest of the well textured mix and vocal layering.

Her vocals here are full of spirit and fire. Daring to be deep and sultry one moment and bright and fluttery the next, Alana Rich experiments with her range and really puts the backing mix to work helping her transitions and stylistic shifts.