Adeline Saive: “Like It That Way”

May 31, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

Adeline Saive hits it out of the park with her fun musical jaunt into defiant irreverence in β€˜Like It That Way.’

A song for people who have decided to cast off the shackles of mundanity by sheer force of will and the blinding power of their optimism. For those who had the moment of clarity that drew back the curtain of β€˜adulthood’, allowing them to live a fuller, more loving life. The lyrics set up this lively image of someone who set aside all the expectations of a world gone cold and petty. Unbothered and unburdened by the demands of other’s egos and opinions, the track feels lean, light, and lovely.

The mix is a great pop effort, using echoes and electronic whoops to good effect. Working alongside the central vocal performance, I’m reminded of the innumerable β€˜helpers’ in a Disney-inspired musical number, lending their voices and musicality to the protagonist’s life-affirming solo. Fitting, here, if I do say so.

Adeline Saive plays around with her vocal performance, and it pays off in the listener’s enjoyment of the track overall. She has a strong, consistent tonality, breathy and bright. Instead of hanging onto a given hook or beat, trying to make up for a lack of substance or content, the track moves along at a spry pace. At times sounding like a playground taunt, the bubbly demeanor and imagery stays lively and entertaining throughout.