Addy: “Wounds“

By: Tiare Pito
October 08, 2021

With a hauntingly smooth voice that effortlessly invokes emotion, Norwegian singer-songwriter Addy has captured us all with her new single “Wounds”.

Addressing the struggle and tough times which form a necessary part of the human existence, “Wounds” offers a message of finding hope in darkness. It speaks of learning and growing from your trauma and hardships. Yes, it touches on painful themes, but it still manages to uplift the listener. The powerful lyrics also hint at our relationship with ourself, and how destructive it can become.

Another striking aspect of this song is that it is not sung from the perspective of someone who has already healed and overcome, rather, someone who is still on a journey of healing. Someone whose wounds have not yet faded to scars. This aspect lends a certain solidarity to the listener, and they are given the opportunity to reflect on their own hardships and the journey that they are on.

Co written by Addy and Autumn Rowe and produced by Berent Philip Moe, it is obvious that “Wounds” is a labour of love. From the delicate melody, entrancing vocals and striking lyrics, “Wounds” provides a memorable and unique listening experience. We cannot wait to see what is next from Addy!

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