Adam Knight: “Rise Up Warrior”

By: Eric Reyes
March 19, 2021

Like heavy hobnailed boots on a steel catwalk, Adam Knight comes stomping out of your speakers.

As aggressive as this impression may be, the inspiring message of Rise Up Warrior is brighter than the tone would have you believe.

Overcoming your doubts, your faults, your missteps. Leaving them in your wake as you move on to bigger and better things. Sure it hurts, sure it took a whole lot of falling to climb so high. But here we are. To stay.

The attitude will grab you early and not let you go. Encouraging and unwavering in its conviction. Simple lyrics that aren’t here to pose philosophical quandaries, but state facts, set goals, dispel rumors.

There’s no holding back this warrior, no matter how beaten or bruised.

Get up. Rise up. Rise Up Warrior.

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