ÁBI: “Amber Eyes”

By: Princess Carroll
April 16, 2020

Some say the eyes are windows to the soul- ÁBI explores this in Amber Eyes!

ÁBI’s new track is mellow, yet passionate. Experiencing the pain and confusion of infidelity, ÁBI takes us on her journey through the lyrics. The song itself is soulful and dark, mimicking the emotion in her voice. 

Looking through the amber eyes of her unfaithful lover, ÁBI sees the “goodness” in them. On the surface, there’s a comparison between two women, but the lyrics highlight something deeper- an identity struggle. While the story is specific, the driving tension is one most can relate to- wanting something better for those we love. ÁBI doesn’t blame the other woman or herself, as some musicians do. She longs for her lover to be the best version of themself; one they can’t see in the mirror. Airy vocals and heartfelt lyrics are what ÁBI  is known for. Drawing on her experiences growing up in South Korea and California, she creates music that is honest and expressive. Check out Amber Eyes and more here! THEN, let us know what you think of this tune on social media today: @gasmakmagazine.

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