A Door with No House: “Thorn”

By: Blaire Cache
June 14, 2019

Looking for indie rock rebels? Don’t worry, we’ve found ’em for ya. Check out the new track from A Door with No House below, Gas Maskers!

New Jersey rockers, A Door with No House, just dropped their newest track “Thorn”, an emotionally-charged alternative rock tune. “Thorn” features the blending of genres and influences from 70s rock, 90s grunge, early 2000’s alternative and even a slight hint of metal. We particularly appreciate the respect “Thorn” gives to the sounds it pays homage to as it creates a world that is uniquely its own. With its gutsy guitars and vocals packed with gusto, this track is sure to be stuck in your head and blasting out of your speakers in no time. Keep it coming, A Door With No House!

Listen to “Thorn” below, and keep checking back for more of the best music out there right here on Gas Mask Magazine! Love this tune? Tell us on social media today at: @gasmaskmagazine.