53 Thieves:Β “Two Days”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
March 11, 2022

53 Thieves is counting time with their new single “Two Days.” 

The track has a smooth groove with mellow music and vocals.  The male and female singers provide an effortless, intimate sound which comes across like their sharing a secret with the listener.  Their melodic vocals blend together in a soothing, beautiful harmony.  Their voices enhance the feelings behind the words.  The song’s lyrics touch on the uneasiness of the unknown.  Lines like “Open future, I can’t be certain, it’s how we grow” express the anticipation of starting something new and the worries that come with it. 

“Two Days” is 53 Thieves’ first release of 2022.  The group plans to have more music coming out later this year. 

53 Thieves is a relatively new group consisting of two singers and two producers from different areas of the world (UK, NYC and Texas), who have released music before even meeting in person.  Their first EP, missed calls, debuted in 2020.

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