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4ever Lost: “I’m Ok”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
July 27, 2022

4ever Lost is saying, “I’m Ok” with their new single. The genre bending track expresses a rollercoaster of emotions through the words and music. The intro lines, “Writing this to show I ain’t broken, You could never know how I’m hopeless” show that the words “I’m Ok” are just a façade. The reality is that life is struggle. The back-and-forth feelings described in the lyrics are amplified through the vocal styling and music. The intro starts out serene with almost haunting vocals. The first verse is a little more upbeat and soulful. The pre-chorus is where the frustration and confusion described in the lyrics are really heard and felt. There is an abrupt change from calm to frenzied in a matter of seconds with slow sounds to rapid fire vocals and back again. This discordance is the perfect auditory expression for the feelings articulated through the words.

4ever Lost is a mysterious French music group who prefer to keep their identities hidden by donning colorful suits and masks. “I’m Ok” is the third single they released this year.

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