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423kidk: “Southern Stunna”

By: Yasmine Sahid
November 22, 2020

A great song for those who like to ride solo, 423kidk makes it clear that heโ€™s not one to be tied down.

โ€œSouthern Stunnaโ€ gives you that confident โ€œIโ€™ll do it my wayโ€ mentality that we all strive to achieve. This mood stays consistent through the song with its lyrics that shouldnโ€™t be taken too seriously. People who are commonly the Casanova in the relationship can relate to 423kidkโ€™s boss lyrics while others can still imagine the fantasy through the rappers. And while rap is 423kidkโ€™s speciality, I admire how he plays around with pop elements by singing the bridge and having a chorus that will certainly stick with you. โ€œOnly gonna hit it twice, then Iโ€™m gonna say byeโ€ is the mood we wish to achieve.

This song has both bad ass lyrics and an infectious beat. 423kidk shows his musical versatility with this fun and bumping song. Tell us what you think of this track on social media at: @gasmaskmagazine.

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